The Team

Kevin May
Executive Producer, Director 


As a director, editor, and cinematographer, Kevin has a strong passion for telling powerful stories through a visual medium. Kevin has been working in television and with small to large businesses, organizations, individuals and non-profits for over 25 years providing high quality TV shows and video productions. Throughout his career, he has traveled around the world as a producer and director of photography on shows for Discovery Networks, PBS, Travel Channel, ESPN and others.

“Over the years I have had the opportunity to expand into other areas of production while always maintaining my commitment to producing programs that make a difference. This has led to helping many corporations improve the safety of their work environments and employees, and more effective crew training for several airlines.  I have had the great fortune to produce documentaries and shorts on powerful subjects such as conscious dying, and worldwide cultural awareness, environmental sustainability,  and sharing the gift of music through artist videos and profiles.

Telling stories is truly a great adventure and I enjoy every minute of it, all the great people I meet, the amazing places it takes me, and the important and wonderful causes I get to learn about with every production”


Mark Anderson
Associate Producer/Director


Mark is widely known as a premiere multimedia producer, photojournalist/cinematographer and marketing communications professional. At heart he is a visual storyteller and has traveled the world to produce compelling stories. He has shot and field-produced for major network programs including Dateline NBC, the Today Show, among others.


He is a 20-plus Emmy award winner and former National Press Photographers Association National Photographer of the Year when he worked at KARE TV in Minneapolis, MN. He is a two–time winner of the National Edward R. Murrow Award and a six-time Gold Medal winner at the New York International Film Festival. One of Mark’s Gold Medals was voted “Best in Show” internationally for his documentary produced in Guatemala.


Mark understands first-hand how to put a convincing and effective story together, manage a successful team, and provide foresight and vision to maintain positive momentum in the work environment.


Amy Rosendahl
Creator, Associate Producer

998454_294814097326424_666678310_nAmy is an avid outdoor enthusiast. She loves to hike, bike, run, camp, and is usually up for any kind of physical activity or sport. “I love living in Montana because Joe and I have always said it’s like living in an adult playground. There are endless opportunities to explore in the mountains. An Ironman’s Journey is the journey that Joe and I have been on since his accident on August 13, 2010. I have always loved helping Joe achieve his goals in life, which in turn, through these experiences, helps me reach mine, and this is the biggest yet for both of us. I can’t wait to see what happens in Florida! Thanks for joining the journey with us!


Lauren Kruse
Social Media Manager


Lauren has been creating social media campaigns for three years with various groups ranging from University of Wisconsin-Madison (go Badgers!) to health care companies.  Immediately drawn to this project, Lauren was moved to help advocate for Joe and anyone else facing physical challenges or other personal barriers.  Lauren has a great admiration for everyone involved in Joe’s story and hopes to spread positivity and awareness with our digital audience!  She is also a huge advocate for fitness and loves the outdoors.


Eric Daft
Director of Photography

Eric Daft

Editor, cinematographer and partner at Fisher Creative. Eric’s involvement in both field production as well as at the editing table allows him to have the crucial and unique capability of understanding and translating the athletes’ experience to the final production. An athlete himself, he transitioned to working behind the lens full-time and brings over a decade of filmmaking experience to this project. Eric has produced motion pieces for numerous commercial clients and has previously worked as a cinematographer for Teton Gravity Research and award-winning projects like ‘Freedom Riders.’



Joe Stone
Creator, Co-Producer and IRONMAN Athlete

Joe Stone

On August 13, 2010 Joe crashed while speed flying—a form of high performance paragliding—in Missoula, MT, causing numerous life-threatening injuries including a broken neck which rendered him an incomplete C7 quadriplegic.

In August 2011—and on the day before the one-year anniversary of his accident—Joe accomplished this goal. “When I finished the ride I not only realized that this was the biggest moment in my life, but I realized my life truly felt limitless again”.

Joe has now set his sights on becoming one of only a few wheelchair-using quadriplegics to complete a full IRONMAN Triathlon and is training daily towards this goal as a way to inspire others to push their boundaries and live life fully with whatever physical and mental abilities one possesses.

Joe Stone continuously inspires many people, disabled and able-bodied, through his public speaking, engaging award-winning videos, volunteering, and one-on-one peer mentoring of others who have experienced similar injuries.

Joe Stone seeks to raise the bar of what is possible, and push through the boundaries of perceived limitations to open the doors of possibilities for all others.


Eric Belker
IRONMAN Triathlete and Joe’s training partner

Erik Belker_MCU

Eric Belker is an accomplished IRONMAN Triathlete who met Joe through a mutual friend.  When Eric found out that Joe was interested in training for an IRONMAN himself, Eric knew that he wanted to volunteer his time and expertise to help Joe.  There is no doubt that without Eric’s dedication, skills and motivation, Joe would not be where he is today with his training.




Mark Fisher 
Director of Photography

mark fisher

Founder of Fisher Creative, director, cinematographer and still photographer. He is an internationally recognized visual artist with an extensive commercial and editorial client list, and he has received numerous awards for his work. Well traveled, he has spent significant time internationally and lived in the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Germany and beyond.  Through these diverse experiences and the influence of key mentors, Mark has developed a passion for capturing the human emotion in an array of natural environments. Mark has also worked extensively within the action-sports world.


Henry Dog
Faithful companion and Service Dog



Joe and Amy found Henry, an adorable Chocolate Lab/Pitbull mix, at Wags and Whiskers Animal Rescue ( They did a lot of research and found that Henry’s special characteristics made him a very loyal, trainable and strong dog. Henry is currently being trained as an assistance dog for Joe so that he can help Joe if he ever gets into a tough situation and needs help. Some of Henry’s favorite things are swimming, playing ball, hiking and he LOVES other dogs and kids!


Stitch Dog
Senior Beagle and compassionate Therapy Dog


Stitch, a ten year old Beagle, has been a great companion for Amy and Joe over the years as one of their two household pups!  Since Joe’s accident, Stitch has been a wonderful service dog for Joe and a big comfort to Amy.  Stitch often helps alleviate Joe’s nerve pain by licking Joe’s affected arm and hand, and he even noses Joe to turn his hand over so that he can get full coverage!  Stitch also has a sneaky side and is known to ‘snitch’ tasty food whenever he can….Hide your cookies!