Help design the IRONMAN’S JOURNEY T-shirt

HELP US OUT AND YOU CAN WIN A FREE T-SHIRT!   We wanted to include you on this journey and ask for your help in designing the official IRONMAN’S JOURNEY T-Shirt.  Our terrific branding and marketing partner COLLE+McVOY not only created the new Joe Stone logo, but they have also help put some T-Shirt design options together for us.

The problem is we LOVE them all!  However we have to choose one design as our official shirt of the IRONMAN’S JOURNEY.

Let us know which one you like best by VOTING on below.  Everyone who shares their opinion with your name and email, will be entered into a drawing to be one of the first to receive a FREE T-Shirt as soon as we have them printed.   Thanks again for your support and helping us out with this! CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

Tshirt-1 Tshirt-2 Tshirt-3Tshirt-4