How does Joe Stone swim?

This question is often asked of Joe Stone when people find out that he is attempting to become the first known wheelchair using quadriplegic to complete a full IRONMAN triathlon in Florida Nov 2, 2013.
To help answer the question, it is important to understand the definition of quadriplegia and further understand that there are several different levels of injury resulting in a widely varied range of physical capabilities.The simplest definition of “quadriplegia” is impairment in all four limbs.  Joe suffered a break in his neck at the C7 vertebrae which rendered him an incomplete C7 quadriplegic.  Physically he is paralyzed from the chest down, and has no grip in his left hand and partial grip in his right hand, thus causing impairment in all four limbs.So one of the biggest challenges facing Joe when he set out to attempt the IRONMAN was how to swim. In this video, Joe explains how he will do that.  We hope you find it interesting. If you have any questions we would love to hear from you,

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