Joe Stone video gets featured as GoPro “Video of the Day”

As part of Joe’s IRONMAN training this June he and Amy went back to Glacier National Park where he hand-cycled the Goin-to-the-Sun Road for only the second time since his accident. It was all shot on GoPro cameras.  Joe edited the footage using his G-Technology G-Drives that he won in their Driven Creativity competition last year.  We are very excited that has featured it as their video of the day today July 23, 2013!  Way to go Joe!  You keep inspiring people everyday!

One Response to “Joe Stone video gets featured as GoPro “Video of the Day””

  1. julie July 27, 2013 at 8:45 pm #

    you are an incredible person joe, I felt honored meeting you. You are inspiring so many and I am sure will continue to inspire many thru out your life.


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